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Mohamed Mounir | محمد منير


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Mounir is to going release, after two whole years, his new album "Yesterday...I Was Only Twenty Years Old" which all his fans have been waiting for. He signs to Mirage Records an Egyptian production company for his new album. Mounir finds it is wonderful to co-operate with Mirage as he says" I found peace of mind in working with Mirage, everyone there is keen to every tiny detail in my new album which I think will make a great difference for both my fans and me". it's worth mentioning that Mounir's new album consists of 10 peculiar songs, where he fused his talent with other Egyptian and foreign poets and composers like the Algerian music arranger Hameed Baroudi and the miraculous German one' Roman Bonka". Mounir also did not forget to introduce to his fans as usual new young talented composers, singers and music arrangers.


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